Shore Bracelet

      Anyone who has visited the long beautiful stretch of sand known as “The Jersey Shore” knows its simplistic beauty & New Jersey residents know exactly what their friends mean when they say they are “going down the shore.” Famous for Bruce Springsteen’s soulful rendition of ‘Jersey Girl’, stories of the early days of Asbury Park, boardwalks, Point Pleasant Beach’s Tiki Bar, seafood, salt water taffy, and homemade ice cream, the Jersey shore leaves a lasting impression.


        As a nature lover, it always fascinates me to see the patterns in the sand at different times of the year. Sometimes there are rolling sand dunes, ripples in the sand after a rain storm, or raindrop imprints. The most beautiful pattern I have ever seen in the Shore sand is the crosshatching pattern.  That crosshatching design is what inspired this bracelet.


          “The Jersey Shore is a family tradition. It is a place where friends meet on a weekend, a place to de-stress and listen to the waves, it is the daydream we have while working ‘on the job.’  The shore is our home away from home.”


        The Jersey Shore Bracelet not only captures the crosshatching pattern, but the shine and allure of the Jersey Shore.  Cape Cod and Nantucket have their own styles of jewelry that stylish locals wear, why not the Jersey Shore?

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