As a classic Jersey Girl myself, I was born and raised here in the Garden State. I spent my summers growing up at my Grandma’s beach cottage in Point Pleasant Beach.  The memories of playing running bases on the beach at dusk with my cousins, selling lemonade for 25 cents a cup on the boardwalk, eating Hoffman’s ice cream, and going on the rides on the boardwalk encouraged my husband and me to move here to Point Pleasant. Beach.  We are proud to live at the shore year round and we love the fun and the excitement of the summer season as well as the cold quiet winters and watching snow fall on the sand.
      In making this bracelet, I wanted a design that I could wear to represent my love of the Jersey Shore.  I focused on creating a versatile bracelet that was a subtle representation of the sand and surf that I could wear casually while riding my bike around town or with a dress for a nice dinner out.  It was important to me that the bracelet would look nice by itself or stacked with other bracelets .

Katie is the proud owner of  the Jersey Shore Bracelet Company

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